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At a first glance, La Romieu may not ring too many bells. It may not be among the most reputable travel destinations in France, but once you get there, everything will change to 180 degrees. Located in Gers, Gascony, this little place has a little of everything – culture, style and tranquility.

Its history dates back to 1082. The name refers to Rome, as it was founded by two monks who returned from a pilgrimage to Rome. The establishment was small and has not changed too much since then.

The location of La Romieu is one of the aspects that makes it so popular in France. It is on the road to St. Jacques de Compostela. Basically, it is conveniently placed on the historic route Lectoure-La Romieu-Condom. For this reason, it gets lots of visitors every year.

When it comes to its size, you will find all the tranquility you need – less than 600 inhabitants spread over just under 28 square kilometers.


Meet our guide team

To some, La Romieu is all about tranquility and chilling afternoons. The others, it is about history and a unique past. We have put together a team of experienced guides to take you on the adventure you want, whether you are interested in history or landscapes.

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What documents
you might need

There are no requirements in terms of documents. Anyone can visit La Romieu, be it on a day trip or over a few days. There is plenty of accommodation around as well.



What to bring with you

Dress and pack according to the weather, so double check it upfront. The area is temperate, meaning it has four seasons. Other than that, you might need rubber boots and a rain jacket if you visit in spring or fall.

Where to go

La Romieu is not big. While you can explore it on your own and read about it as you do it, we recommend one of our guides for a more interesting experience – hidden spots, more knowledge and a better overall experience.



What to visit

Local attractions are all related to history. However, taking one of our recommended walks will also allow you to explore the French countryside and see some stunning landscapes.

When to visit

The best time to visit La Romieu is between middle spring and middle fall. The summer might be too hot for some, yet that is when most tourists rush in to learn about this magical place.

Whether you have more questions or you want to know more about La Romieu,
get in touch with our customer service.

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