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The historical heart
of Gers, Gascony

Excellent camping trips

When it comes to bonding with the nature, a camping trip might have everything you need. While not as relaxing as a bed and breakfast, it will give you access to a new type of experience that you will simply not forget. There are particular places where camping is allowed in and around La Romieu.

Not only that, our guides can take you on a deeper experience – camping trips in the middle of nowhere. Gain access to a natural lifestyle, beautiful landscapes and relaxing moments.

Unique trekking adventures

La Romieu was founded by two German monks around 1,000 years ago. Interested in a bit of history? Consider it done. How would you like exploring the areas these monks explored back then? How about taking a walk through the wilderness in the French countryside?

Our trekking adventures are well planned and organized – we have supplied, a clear itinerary and tools to avoid getting lost. Join us for the experience of a lifetime – a mix of history and nature.

Exploring the surroundings

At a first glance, La Romieu does not seem too big. It is actually a small community dealing with a quiet everyday life. The place itself may not have too much to explore – you can do everything in a couple of days. However, the surroundings change everything to 180 degrees.

When it comes to exploring, our guides will take you to some places that only locals know. Discover the hidden gems of La Romieu and emerge yourself into a new type of adventure.


Life is an adventure and it is up to you to take advantage of it. Our guides can definitely take a boring weekend and turn it into a real adventure. Most of these adventures are related to the nature – take a walk around, discover the area, climb some hills and learn about them.

These are the types of adventures that help you embrace nature and sleep better at night. While you will feel tired, there is no better way to recharge your batteries. Think about your sleep.

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This is how long you have to wait until the next La Romieu celebration of the community. The event is worth some attention due to the plenty of activities around.


We strive to make
your holiday worth it

We try our best to provide access to a type of tourism that you may not really be familiar with. Basically, we want you to explore the area and see something new. At the same time, we will give you some interesting historical facts, not to mention the landscapes and the physical activity involved.