Everything you need
to know before a trip

We provide all kinds of tours in and around La Romieu. This means you can book a tour of the old village – clean and tidy. You can also book a tour to explore the surroundings, which means you will see the countryside and get a bit dirty. Interested in some climbing and trekking too? Consider it done. Each tour comes with its own requirements, but our trained guides will make sure that everything is covered. Here are some of the training programs we specialize in.

Trekking training

There is nothing to be concerned about if you have never been on a trekking adventure – we will train you first, then keep an eye on you as you go and make sure everything is alright.

  • Fully trained guides
  • 15 minute training session
  • Maps and instructional materials
  • Full insurance
  • Extra lessons if needed

Camping training

1Explaining the principles of a camping trip
While a camping trip does not necessarily requires training, we will take about 20 minutes to explain what to expect and how to avoid danger.
2You will learn how to choose the perfect place to set your tent.
Setting up a tent might seem easy. If you have just bought it, it probably has some instructions as well. So far, so good. But once you start setting it up, you end up with extra parts or you simply cannot make it stand properly. Some things are not taught in instructions, but require experience or education.
3Become familiar with a few survival tips and tricks
What can happen in a touristic place and a limited dangerous wildlife? Exactly! Nothing. Until you actually get there, time flies and you end up lost right before darkness. This is when you start panicking, but luckily, we will teach you a few things to get over such situations.

Historical walks

1Exploring La Romieu into deeper details
Some of our walks are basic and show you the surroundings. Some others may take up to six hours – great exercise and a unique experience.
2There is no training required, but we will take 20 minutes to give you some indications.
There are no reasons to get trained on a guided tour, whether it is in La Romieu or in the surrounding wilderness. However, unexpected situations can arise when least expected. Also, we believe that it is better to be safe than sorry.
3Health and safety is a must before a long walk.
We find health and safety extremely important, especially in a country that is part of the EU. While bad situations are less likely to occur, we want to make sure that even if they do, we are ready to get over them.

Tourism and guidance training

This type of training is mostly suitable for those who want to work for us or join us as volunteers. Simply put, we will teach you everything you need to be a certified guide.

  • Full guidance and training
  • Certified and approved course
  • A diploma at the end of the course
  • Lots of entertainment
  • Good positive attitude


All in all, apart from the course to become a certified guide, all the other course are optional. No matter which trip you choose or what you want to do, we will take up to 20 minutes to take you through what will happen and what you need to know – it is part of a healthy and safety program.